You don’t have to own a vast bathroom space to create something aesthetically pleasing. But, before you dive into buying a basin to finish off your small bathroom project, here at Plumbing Superstore, we’ve got a host of advice and inspiration for small basins in small spaces to help you make an informed purchase. Check out our handy small sink guide for the information you need!

Small Narrow Cloakroom Basin

Measure and Plan

With clever planning, you might not need to have the smallest basin available. Our first advice is to measure the space (and measure again!). You may find an online bathroom planner or sometimes easier, draw the floor plan out and use cuts out to arrange the space to maximise the space.

Small Narrow Basin in Cloakroom

Narrow Wall Hung Bathroom Basins – Back to Front

The narrowest wall hung bathroom basins will have a tap on the side. Basins can be supplied with taps on the left or right-hand side as you look at the basin.

Points to consider:

  • Would a left or right-hand tap work best for your bathroom, cloakroom or ensuite?
  • Is there space on the side opposite the tap for soap? If the basin is wall-hung with no other storage space, then this could be a great advantage.
  • Could a basin with narrow edges but with the bowl protruding out further work for your room?
  • Wall hung basins with wall tap combinations will give another narrow option.

Here are a few examples:

Left and right hand versions of the same white basin


Madeira Wall Hung Narrow Bathroom Basin


Clickbasin Viterbo Narrow Basin

Narrow Counter Mounted Bathroom Basins – Back to Front

The narrowest counter or shelf-mounted basins could be freestanding with a tap at the side or with wall hung taps to make them the narrowest possible.

Points to consider:

  • Would a left or right-hand tap work best for your bathroom, cloakroom or ensuite?
  • If the basin was going on a shelf or narrow cabinet it would give additional storage. A towel rail could be added under the shelf.  A cabinet would give hidden away storage and also enclose the plumbing.
  • Wall taps could be used to free up space on the shelf or cabinet.
Treviso Narrow Countertop Basin

Narrow Bathroom Basins – Left to Right

The other measurement to consider when searching and considering your basin is the left-to-right size. It may be that you have an alcove or space where you want to place your basin and it needs to be narrow width left to right.

TRAPANI Bathroom Wash Stand

Small Rectangular Bathroom Basin White Ceramic 330mm x 290mm Cloakroom Salerno

Smallest Corner Basins

corner basin will make use of often empty space and as it is tucked away it can be a great choice for the smallest of rooms. Some basins consist of nothing but the basin space itself, but on occasion, it’s possible to have some counter storage space too.

Corner Bathroom Basin Bundle Clear Glass 350mm Cloakroom Sink with Tap and Waste Brescia

Don’t forget to check out our bathroom furniture guide. And, if you would like any more help and advice before buying your new bathroom basin, give us a call here at Plumbing Superstore and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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