Founded by innovator Adolf Schoepe in Orange County, California, in 1957, Fluidmaster is a world-leading toilet repair brand. The company specialises in internal flushing mechanisms of toilets and manufactures high-performance fill and flush valves, flappers, repair kits, tank leavers, water supply connectors, toilet seats, automatic toilet cleaners, access panels and bidets popular all over the world.

Today, Fluidmaster sells an astonishing 100+ million toilet repair products each year. What’s more, its constantly growing global distribution network can reach over 80% of the world’s population in over 90 countries, including the UK. In addition, Fluidmaster has production facilities all over the globe. The company prides itself on the superior quality of its products and on always being quick to market, quick to manufacture and quick to deliver to its legions of loyal customers.

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