When looking for innovative and effective cold water storage systems, look to Polytank. They pride themselves on providing high-quality cold water storage solutions for plumbers and installers. We're proud to offer their range of products here at Plumbing Superstore to ensure your demands for this particular product in the industry are fulfilled.

All Polytanks are manufactured within ISO 9001:2015 approved factories. They are also built under controlled conditions and tested to ensure they meet standards. The Polytanks are also manufactured to BS 4213:2004, Kite marked for reassurance and meet water supply fitting regulations 1999.

Polytank has been manufacturing and supplying plumbing equipment for over four decades with exceptional progress made in mastering the manufacturing of high-quality products for efficient results. So whatever size and style you desire, we're confident you can find it here at Plumbing Superstore from Polytank.

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