Plastic Pipe

Versatile, easy to install and highly cost-effective, the wide range of plastic plumbing solutions available to fitters, plumbers and homeowners is as good as it has ever been. Advances in materials, as well as a highly competitive range of brands, have produced many highly reliable plastic alternatives to copper, steel and iron products of a similar application.

These products often combine soft and rigid plastics as well as aluminium to produce incredibly easy-to-handle systems. Plumbing Superstore has a wide variety of these easy-to-use plastic piping products, as well as their accompanying fittings and tools, meaning you have plenty of choice for hot water and central heating projects.

Cutting down on installation time, cost, as well as the need for ancillary tools such as solder or crimping tools, plastic can take your repair, refit or ground-up build from start to finish with the minimum of fuss and maximum affordability.

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John Guest Speedfit Cutter Up To 22mm
£19.21 Incl. VAT
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