Copper Pipe

The benchmark standard in plumbing for decades, the humble copper pipe has served in British homes in a wide variety of hot water applications for just as long. With a range of natural properties that make it ideal for the task, soldered, crimped or compression-fit copper pipework shows little sign of losing its appeal to plumbers, fitters, and homeowners.

Durable, versatile, sturdy, and with longevity that's hard to beat, copper piping is still the go-to for all sorts of installations. Here at Plumbing Superstore, we've got competitively priced pre-cut copper piping and tubes in a huge selection of lengths and diameters to keep your plumbing projects going.

With BS-approved and Kitemarked generic piping, as well as imperial and metric options, you can rely on these pipes for years to come, no matter how you're joining them together. Whether it's a simple repair job, intensive refit or ground-up builds, we're sure that our range of copper piping will make its way to the top of your parts list time and time again.

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