Pipe Fittings

The sheer range and quality of pipe fittings available for plumbing projects is as good as ever, with better materials, smarter designs, and greater versatility driving for shorter installation times and easier fitting that has long since outpaced traditional techniques. Every material, from affordable and flexible plastic to resilient and corrosion-resistant brass, is catered for across a versatile selection of fitting types.

Here at Plumbing Superstore, the wide breadth of fittings is covered, no matter the scale of your project, the application or your budget and skillset. Easy-to-use compression fittings eliminate the need for time-consuming soldering or hot work, press-fit systems use powerful tools to create reliable seals, and tried-and-tested pre-soldered products or threaded parts are budget-friendly.

With plenty of brands available as well as affordable generic ranges, everything is here. From easy, straightforward repairs to larger, more involved builds, Plumbing Superstore has the pipe fitting you'll need to get your job done on time and within budget.

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