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ESBE has been providing high-quality Swedish hydronic solutions since 1906. Headquartered in Reftele, the company offers a wide range of circulation units, fresh hydro units, rotary valves, rotary actuators, rotary units, controllers, room thermostats, solid fuel products, diverting valves, zone valves, thermostatic mixing valves, linear valves, linear actuators and various complementary products.

Although it started locally, today ESBE boasts an impressive international presence, with subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, France and Poland, a logistics centre in Dachau, Germany, and sales in over 50 countries. The company processes around 23,000 parcel shipments and 6,000 pallet shipments every year. ESBE’s energy-efficient products provide comfort and improve the safety of heating, cooling and tap water systems. They’re highly functional and reliable as well as environmentally friendly.

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