Pipe Clips & Brackets

Plenty of plumbing projects, no matter the size, scope or skill involved, will require some basic 'bracketry'. These essential fittings include a wide range of brackets, nuts and bolts to secure pipework and provide crucial structural support.

Whether it's reducing noise, fixing pipes to walls, or more complicated pipe management in a commercial setting, you want a bracket system that's affordable and easy to install.

Here at Plumbing Superstore, we have a wide variety of pipe clips, brackets and other 'bracketry' products available that will help you keep on budget and on schedule. From straightforward plastic snapping clips to copper, chrome and steel parts, there are plenty of choices to match your budget and desired end result. Reliable, durable and versatile, our range of pipe clips and brackets are sure to shoot to the top of your next parts list time and time again.

Products in Pipe Clips & Brackets:

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Showing 1-36 of 70