In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of caring for stone resin bathroom basins. From routine cleaning techniques to preventive measures against damage, we explore a range of tips and best practices to ensure your basin remains a timeless centrepiece in your bathroom.

Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or a novice embarking on a renovation journey, mastering the art of stone resin basin care will not only preserve its beauty but also enhance the longevity of your investment. So, let’s dive in and discover the secrets to keeping your stone resin basin looking impeccable for years to come.

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What is Stone Resin?

Stone Resin is made from stone particles, acrylic resin, pigments and marble dust to produce a non-porous material which can be cast into different shapes. This flexibility allows basins to be cast with sleek angles and a smooth finish.

This process also makes for a lighter material which is durable with anti-mildew and anti-bacterial properties.

Stone Resin Finish

Stone Resin finish can be in a matt or gloss. Naturally, the basin has a matt/satin white look but adding a gel coating process during manufacture will result in a glossy look. The basin finish is very tactile, almost velvety warm and smooth to the touch.

The precise method of manufacture allows for a flawless finish with more options in shape and sleek appearance compared to ceramic basins.

Cleaning your Stone Resin Sink

Manufacturers recommend that stone resin basins should be cleaned regularly with warm soapy water. They also recommend that any residue water should be wiped away after use. This is especially necessary if you live in a hard water area. Otherwise, calcium deposits from the limescale in the water and will form in the basin. This can lead to hard water staining, particularly around the waste.

Protecting and Repairing Stone Resin Basins

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With the rough and tumble of daily family life, your basin may get marked, stained or scratched but unlike ceramic basins, stone resin basins can be repaired and rejuvenated.

To remove minor marks from the basin initially, we suggest a cream cleaner such as CIF or AJAX but please follow the instructions for your chosen cleaner before proceeding.

For more stubborn marks and scratches try the wet/dry pad which is supplied with the majority of stone resin basins or wet/dry fine sandpaper.

Make sure the surface is damp and use the sponge scourer to lightly rub the surface of the basin. Make sure you don’t press too hard! Pressure could cause more scratches to appear.

Use a pad in different directions and rinse the pad as you are doing this to remove any residue that has accumulated on the sponge. Check to see that the scratch is removed before using clean water to rinse and dry the surface.

Once dried, check that the area you are treating blends in with the rest of the basin and then, if desired, reseal with a stone sealer.

Anti Bacterial Soaps

Over recent years with the increased use of anti-bac soaps, we have noticed that some brands of soap are now advising not to use with stone or stone resin basins. This is because these types of soap have a high alcohol level and this can have a detrimental effect on stone and chrome. If you do use anti-bac in the bathroom, make sure the basin as well as taps and waste plugs are swilled and dried after use. Always check the label on the soaps as some state not to be used on stone basins.

Other Products

To keep your basin in tip-top condition, here is a list of don’ts for your stone resin basin.

Do not:

  • Use concentrated bleach
  • Use tar-based shampoo
  • Spill hair dyes or similar colour products
  • Pour red wine into the sink
  • Use Cillit Bang Limescale remover or similar products
  • Scrub with wire brushes or pads
  • Pour drain cleaning or unblocking products
  • Clean with ammonia or spray cleaner

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, caring for stone resin bathroom basins is essential for maintaining their beauty and functionality over time. By following the simple yet effective tips outlined in this article, you can ensure that your basin remains in pristine condition for years to come.

With proper maintenance, your stone resin basin will continue to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom while serving its purpose flawlessly. Invest the time and effort into caring for your basin, and you’ll enjoy its durability and elegance for many years ahead.

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