In the realm of bathroom aesthetics, few materials rival the timeless allure of chrome. Its lustrous surface not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves as a beacon of cleanliness and sophistication in any bathroom space. However, while chrome fixtures dazzle with their initial shine, maintaining their brilliance over time requires a bit of effort and know-how.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to preserve the gleam of your bathroom furniture or a design enthusiast seeking to elevate your bathroom’s allure, this article is your roadmap to achieving lasting radiance and elegance. From routine cleaning practices to preventative maintenance tips, we’ll explore the essential techniques to keep your chrome fittings sparkling like new. So, let’s dive in and unlock the secrets to maintaining the beauty and functionality of your chrome bathroom fixtures.

Caring for Chrome Bathroom Fittings

Shine Bright Bathroom Tap

Chrome bathroom tap

The best way to care for Chrome Bathroom Fitting is to not allow them to get dirty in the first place. This is because the dirtier chrome gets before you deal with it, the more effort and force you’re going to have to use to clean chrome. Thus the higher your risk of damaging the chrome finish.

The moment you start to notice a dulling of the chrome, we recommend you wash it with warm soap water clean the area and then dry it after use.

Though chrome is pretty durable, it can rust, pit and flake if moisture is allowed to stay on it. Always wipe away and dry any water that sits on the chrome after every use

Hard Water Limescale Discolouring

Whilst chrome is a great material for bathroom fitting, if you live in a hard water area and fail to dry it after every use then you will soon see that limescale can quickly build up on these fittings. You can check the hard water level of where you live over at the Aqua Cure website.

One popular method to remove stubborn limescale is to soak a soft cloth in a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water and wrap it around the fitting. Leave it in position for 1 hour and squeeze it every so often. As taps are quite fiddly, use an elastic band around the cloth to keep it in place. This will cocoon the tap, helping to tackle the stains head-on.

Bring Back the Sparkle to your Bathroom Chrome

Nuie Beaumont Chrome Basin Taps

Baby oil is very good for cleaning chrome and making it shine. Just dab some onto a soft cloth or cotton wool and clean. This method of cleaning works wonders and will remove stains from the chrome and bring up a nice shine.

Cleaning Chrome in the Bathroom

Vinegar is one of those substances for cleaning just about anything that needs to be cleaned due to the acetic acid that the vinegar consists of. Place the vinegar in a spray bottle (if you haven’t got a spray bottle you can just pour it on a soft cloth) and spray the area you want to clean. With a soft cloth, clean and buff. This cleaning tip will make your chrome sparkle and shine

Rust on a Chrome Tap

Chrome itself won’t rust. So any rusting on your bathroom fittings will be a result of something foreign settling on the tap, or as a result of scratches embedded deep in the chrome.

A simple way to try and remove this is with Aluminium Foil. Using soapy water, scrunch the foil into a ball and gently scrub the rust spot to remove it. If you find this doesn’t work, try substituting the soapy liquid for Coca-Cola as this is slightly more acidic so will have a more aggressive approach.

Word of warning: Removing rust this way will preserve the chrome, but rub it too vigorously and you risk exposing it to oxygen, exacerbating the issue by creating more opportunity to rust and pit.

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