Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), known by many under the trade name Teflon, is a highly durable, naturally non-sticky industrial coating. Extremely difficult to glue, with a melting temperature of 330°C and maximum service temperature of 260°C, typical use includes in areas with high-temperature and potentially dangerous chemical applications across domestic and industrial settings. Including pipework, cookware, electrical components and more. 

To help you out with all your PTFE plumbing needs, we offer a range of excellent PTFE glues, pastes and joining tapes. Carefully selected from leading brands in the industry, the design of these high-performance products is specifically to overcome the coating’s astonishing non-stickiness. What’s more, they have rigorous testing to ensure they provide secure, long-term PTFE bonding. With our convenient delivery service, you can get them just in time for your next plumbing project. 

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