It’s time for a new bath. The bath is your place to relax, unwind and relieve yourself from everyday stresses. So, whether you’re installing a new tub or replacing an older type, you’ve got plenty of choices and sizes to choose from.

Before you buy one, however, you need to know what size bath you need. Is your bathroom on the smaller side? Are you looking to fill a larger bathroom space with a bath that’s a different shape? Whatever your reasoning, explore this guide to help you know more about the different size baths and how to approach purchasing your new tub.

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Why bath shapes and sizes matter

Aside from being a logistical concern, shape and size also matter for your comfort. Are you someone who likes small cosy spaces or someone who loves to spread out as much as possible? Whatever the reasoning, bathtub dimensions and shapes are key to making those spaces fit your ideal requirements and themes.

Unsure about whether a bath is right for you? These essential tips can help you decide.

What is a standard bath size?

The standard bathtub size currently in the UK is typically 1700mm in length with 700mm in width. A “just right” size for bath lovers. However, we know that some bath enthusiasts might be fonder of smaller or larger sizes. With that in mind…

What is the smallest bath size?

For those who love a cosy space, a 1400mm length bath with 700mm width might be more your style. A 1500mm length bath is also a good choice. Both are small enough without compromising on comfort and are ideal for bathrooms with limited room.

What is the biggest bath size?

If you’re a fan of a large bathtub, the 1800mm length bath with 800mm width is a whopper. It gives you a generous amount of space to extend your limbs and has the potential to provide the ultimate spa-like experience. Certainly, a good size for a bathroom with the space to handle it.

So, what size bath do I need?

If you have the space to spare, then the choice is vast! However, if you want to be certain your size bath will fit in your home, then you’ll need to take some measurements. It’s important to do this as accurately as possible to avoid your bath being too big or too small.

How to measure for a bath

Step one: First things first, find the length. Do this by measuring the distance from one side (e.g. the head end) of the bath to the other. Make sure this is a straight line.

Note: If you have a corner or curved bath, measure from the widest point of the rim.

Step two: To find the width, measure from the back wall or edge to the front of the bath. Again, make sure the line is straight. If you plan to fit tiles, regardless of your bath shape or size, consider the thickness of those tiles as they may reduce the amount of space you have in the area you want to install the bath.

Note: If the bath is not your typical shape (e.g. a P-shaped bath or L-shaped bath), measure the width of both the widest part of the bath and the smaller part of the bath to have all measurements necessary for a better judgment.

Step three: As for height, measure from the floor to the top edge of the exterior of the bath.

Step four: Measure the interior from the deepest part of your bath to the overflow. This will give you the depth and an idea of how much water the bath will be able to contain.

After your measurements are complete and your installations have been finalised, you’ll need to know how to keep it clean. We’ve got a guide that can help you know efficient ways to keep your bath clean and much more.

Bathtub dimensions in MM (millimetres)

Below are tables showing some of the available sizes in today’s bathing industry. You can also explore our range to discover what baths we can provide you. Check out the different range of shapes, sizes and more to ensure you have the right one for your bathroom requirements.

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Straight bathtub sizes

ShapeEnd styleLengthWidth
StraightSingle ended1500mm700mm
StraightSingle ended1600mm700mm
StraightSingle ended1700mm700mm
StraightDouble ended1700mm700mm
StraightDouble ended1700mm750mm
StraightDouble ended1800mm800mm

Square bathtub sizes

Shape End styleLengthWidth
SquareSingle ended1400mm700mm
SquareSingle ended1500mm700mm
SquareSingle ended1600mm700mm
SquareSingle ended1700mm700mm
SquareSingle ended1800mm700mm
ShapeEnd styleLengthWidth
Left-handed squareSingle ended1500mm850mm
Left-handed squareSingle ended1600mm850mm
Left-handed squareSingle ended1700mm850mm
Right-handed squareSingle ended1500mm850mm
Right-handed squareSingle ended1600mm850mm
Right-handed squareSingle ended1700mm850mm

L shaped bath sizes

ShapeEnd styleLengthWidth
Left-handed L shapeSingle ended1700mm850mm

P shaped bath sizes

ShapeEnd styleLengthWidth
Right-handed P shapeSingle ended1500mm850mm
Left-handed P shapeSingle ended1500mm850mm
Right-handed P shapeSingle ended1700mm900mm
Left-handed P shapeSingle ended1700mm900mm

Oval bathtub sizes

ShapeEnd styleLengthWidth
OvalSingle or double ended1700mm755mm
OvalSingle or double ended1800mm800mm

Want to know more about baths or bathroom furniture? We have a wide range of Help and Advice to help you learn more about what you can do with your wash spaces.

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