Choosing a left-hand or right-hand basin is a bit like selecting the right set of golf clubs. Imagine Rory McIlroy trying to compete in the Open playing with left-hander Phil Mickleson’s clubs. With Rory’s skills, it might not be impossible, but it would certainly make it so much more difficult.

So, with a bathroom sink, you want the layout to suit your personal preferences. Typically, if you’re right-handed then you’d normally prefer the basin to have the tap on the right. And vice-versa if you’re left-handed.

Note: The location of your plumbing may also influence which side to place your tap, so if you’re selecting a wash basin with a tap hole on one side, knowing whether it is a left-hand or right-hand option is very important.

What is a left-hand basin?

A white ceramic left-hand basin

When you’re facing the basin, the tap hole will be on the left-hand side with the bowl to the right.
The tap hole is normally placed at the far side of the basin, so most sinks can’t be used as both left and right hand.

Obviously, there are several bathroom sinks supplied with the tap hole placed in the centre or without a tap hole at all to accommodate wall hung taps, so there’s no need to choose left or right hand for these types of basins.

Wall hung vanities can be supplied with a choice of bowl position

Wall hung vanity units are sometimes supplied with basins that can be fitted with the bowls on the left or the right, such as this contemporary slate grey example.

A left-hand wall hung vanity unit

How to select the correct-handed basin

If you have any questions on whether to select a right- or left-hand basin, our basin experts will be happy to advise. Alternatively, give us a call on 01325 488 588 and we’ll be happy to help.

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