Is the old bathroom tap not cutting it anymore? Have you considered opting for a wall-hung bathroom tap? Great choice! These are a beautiful modern alternative to classic-style bathroom taps because of their look and function. To help you cement your choice of tap, here’s your guide to the pros and cons of wall-hung bathroom taps.

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What is a wall-hung bathroom tap?

As the name states, a wall-hung bathroom tap (also known as a wall-mounted tap) is a tap fixed to the wall and used with a basin without a tap hole. Instead, the tap manifold is hidden behind the wall, along with the hot and cold source pipes attached to the manifold.

The tap spout and its control handle are fixed to the manifold and are the only visible parts through the wall.

Pros of a wall-hung bathroom tap

So, what makes wall-hung bathroom taps so great?

Easy to clean

Wall-hung bathroom taps keep the storage unit’s top surface clear. This matters because water pooling around the tap can cause calcium deposits to build up. As a result, your tap becomes more vulnerable to rust and the risk of mould and mildew growth in your bathroom increases. So, with a wall-hung bathroom tap, you can clean with ease and maximise the use of space for your bathroom essentials.

Minimalist appearance

Thanks to its modest and unique design, the wall-hung tap offers the finest solution for keeping surfaces clear. You get a beautiful tap with none of the bulky features.

Enhances the use of narrow space

If you lack space, wall-hung taps allow you to install bigger basins in narrow spaces. So, no need to worry about prioritising space for a freestanding tap or tap fixed with a basin.

Unique height options

Their flexible fitting options mean you can have the tap fixed at a height suited to you and your bathroom.

Cons of a wall-hung bathroom tap

The pros are all well and good, but what are the cons of wall-hung taps?

Complicated installation

Not only is this installation invasive, but also more complex than that of a standard tap fitting. For typical taps, the holes are pre-cut into the surface. When it comes to a wall-hung bathroom tap, the holes need to be cut in the wall by you.

Spout length must be exact

If you don’t have a suitably sized spout, ideally central to the basin, this can risk water splashing onto bathroom furniture surfaces or the floor. Although not a big issue, it can still be an annoyance and worth thinking about before fitting.

Fixing it won’t be easy

Should there be failings with the tap manifold or plumbing behind the wall, it won’t be easy to deal with. You’ll likely have to call in the professionals to help you fix it, leading to a lot of mess and a costly repair.

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