Glass bathroom basins come in different sizes, shapes and finishes, including clear or frosted, white, black and all the other colours you desire. 

When choosing a glass basin for your bathroom, the priority is to make sure the glass is toughened. Ideally, the basin should have at least a 10 – 12mm thickness.

Glass sinks are sturdy and can withstand reasonable temperature changes without breakage.

Avoid pouring scalding hot water into a glass sink as the immediate temperature changes can cause ‘thermal shock’, which can lead to the basin cracking or shattering.

Glass sinks should be made from safety glass which is resistant to small accident breakage. Dropping a brush or plastic bottle into the basin shouldn’t cause an issue.  However, a heavy object can shatter a glass sink, just as it would a porcelain sink.

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What to consider when installing a Glass Bathroom Basin

Metal Counter Mounting Ring with Rubber Seals for Glass Basins

It is always recommended that you use a professional plumber to install these sinks. The most common cause of breakage is during installation or a result of poor installation.

We would also advise that a glass basin is installed with a glass ring support under the basin.

This ring features a flushed, hidden clear silicone o-rings seal inset which fits into the grooves at the top and bottom of the mounting ring.

The ring helps ensure a tight, leak-free sink installation and is particularly good when mounting a glass ring on a marble or granite work surface.

The waste on a glass basin sink should only be hand-tightened as too much tightening can cause glass basins to shatter.

They say that you can never use too much silicone to seal a basin however bear in mind that you can see through the glass so be mindful of how much and where you put it.

It is recommended that glass basins should not be installed where indoor temperatures are unregulated nor should the basin be placed directly under a skylight. This is because wide temperature variances can cause thermal shock and breakage.

Care and Cleaning Glass Basins

A glass basin in a bathroom below a wooden-framed mirror

Glass bathroom basins, when treated correctly, are tough enough to withstand everyday wear and tear and remain as beautiful as the day they were purchased. They require no more special treatment than a standard porcelain sink. Use warm soapy water to clean after use and when water spots occur, a solution of vinegar and water will dissolve the spots.

Abrasive bathroom cleaning products and materials are not recommended as they will scar the glass.

If you’d like any more assistance before buying your new glass bathroom basin, don’t hesitate to call our experts and we’ll be happy to help!

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