When you consider how often you use your bathroom basin, installing one at the wrong height could become a real pain… literally. In days gone by when most basins were fitted directly onto a base pedestal, the bathroom sink height would be determined by the length of the pedestal. But today there’s a range of choices, including wall hung, undercounter and inset basins with much more flexibility on how high the basin can be positioned.

So, what is the best height for a bathroom basin?

What is a standard basin height?

Measuring from the floor to the top lip of the basin, the standard height of a bathroom basin is often quoted by the plumbing trade to be around 80-85cm. This works well for your standard-height adult but in truth, we’re not all a standard size. So, what’s the best way to decide the correct basin height for you?

Next time you use a bathroom outside your own home such as a hotel, restaurant or friend’s house, think about if the basin is at a comfortable height for yourself. Assuming you don’t just happen to carry a tape measure around, remember whereabouts on your leg the basin reaches; you can then translate that into an actual measurement when your tape measure is to hand.

Remember, comfort is everything so consider this above all else.

Vanity Units Heights

White wall hung vanity unit in a bathroom

Floor-standing vanity cabinets come in a range of widths and depths but most are 750-800mm high. Remember, a countertop basin positioned on top will add around an extra 150mm to the height. Wall Hung vanities on the other hand can be positioned at any height to suit your personal preference.

Best Height For Wall Hung Basins

Man in a wheelchair using a wash basin

Basins fixed directly to a wall are a contemporary, clutter-free option for bathrooms. The height of a wall hung basin can be fully personalised to suit your individual preference.

If a wall-hung sink isn’t an option then a countertop basin can be mounted on a lower surface to aid access. For those using a wheelchair, for example, this is particularly helpful, giving proper access to the basin without having to reach too high.
With a wall hung vanity, the cabinet and basin can be fitted to the wall, so it is at the height that suits your needs.

Consider What Sits Above The Sink

An oak wall hung Hudson Reed cabinet fitted in a modern bathroom

Before finalising the position of your sink on the wall, remember to consider if anything is being mounted above the sink. The best height for your sink could mean moving it down just a few millimetres could make all the difference between that bathroom mirror cabinet fitting or not. Remember, measure twice, drill once as the DIY mantra goes.

It’s Not Just Height – A Word About Width and Depth

Washing soapy hands in a basin under running water

Whilst the height of your basin is critical, before you buy a new sink, think about how wide you need it to be. Do you like to soak your arms up to the elbows in warm, soapy water? Or do you stand upright and prefer to plunge your hands straight in?
Do you want to save water and the time it takes to fill the basin with a shallower option? Check all these dimensions carefully before ordering your new wash basin.

A Personal Choice

While there are standards for how high to position your washbasin, it all boils down to a personal choice and what you’re most comfortable with. Wall hung basins and vanity units give you optimal flexibility so your morning routine is as comfortable as it is refreshing.

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