Have you stepped out of the bath or shower and wanted to use the mirrors in the bathroom but just couldn’t see yourself through the foggy mist on them? It is an age-old problem we have all experienced, but you’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a little pre-planning, it’s easy to stop your bathroom mirror from steaming up, leaving your bathroom mirror cabinets free from condensation even after the hottest of showers or the longest of baths.

How NOT To Clear Steamed-Up Bathroom Mirrors

Firstly, don’t make the mistake of trying to wipe the mirror clear with your damp towel. It will only leave the mirror with streaks and smears. Even worse results come from using toilet paper or paper towels to clear the foggy mirror. This will leave a residue of tiny white bits peppered across the mirror and if not cleaned off, will dry and become stuck to the mirror. Yuck!

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How to stop a bathroom mirror from steaming up

Use a specialist spray or lotion which are sold primarily to use in the car to prevent the car windscreen from fogging up, but they can also be used on bathroom mirrors to keep them de-misted. Pop a bottle in the bathroom cabinet and apply it to your bathroom mirror as part of your weekly cleaning routine to help you achieve clear mirrors after every bath or shower.

Apply washing up liquid neat to the mirror – no added water – just apply neat from the bottle onto one cloth and then wipe the excess off with another clean cloth. Once buffed clear, this method will give your mirror a week or two of protection from misting up post-shower. Foaming shaving gel is also another product which helps prevent steamy mirrors.

Again, as with washing up liquid, apply directly to the mirror and work across the mirror then remove any excess with a clean cloth. Some feel the foaming gel works better than the shaving cream and from the ones I’ve tried, I would agree.

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Other low-cost suggestions for keeping mirrors fog-free

  • A 50-50 vinegar water solution which works for a few days albeit with a bit of an aroma.
  • Lemon Juice is another alternative which would give a fresher smell than the vinegar option.
  • Another better-smelling option is to spray a small amount of Febreze onto the mirror and wipe clean.

Finally, if you don’t fancy the routine of pre-prepping your bathroom mirrors on a weekly/fortnightly basis, then a battery-powered window vacuum could be the best solution and much safer than taking a hairdryer into the bathroom (not a good idea in any circumstances). The window vac will remove the mist moisture from the mirror, windows, shower screen and tiles easily and quickly. These are particularly good in hard water areas as removing the water off these surfaces immediately after using the bathroom will prevent a build-up of limescale.

Now you know how to effectively demist a bathroom mirror, check out our guide on everything you need to know about cleaning your bathroom to complete the entire room!

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