The wall-hung vanity unit is a staple of many modern bathrooms. So, what makes them so popular? Well, we’ve found no fewer than six advantages of these favourable pieces of bathroom furniture to show you why they’ve taken homeowners by storm.

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An impressive illusion when it comes to space

Have you always wanted a bigger-looking bathroom but don’t have the space? Wall-hung vanity units are a fantastic way to give the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it seems. They’re wall mounted off the floor, opening the room and freeing up floorspace beneath the unit. You can show off the new vanity unit using a light to make it a focal point.

Not only an illusion for space but more efficient use of it too!

Wall-hung vanities are typically narrower in design from back to front from the wall. This means they can be fitted in tighter spaces, hence why they’re perfect for small or large bathrooms or cloakrooms. You can utilise the space without compromising the area to a significant amount.

Cleaning underneath the wall-hung vanity unit is easier

You won’t have to battle with legs or lug your cabinet around to reach underneath the unit to clean properly. Instead, you can clean with ease thanks to the sizable space beneath.

It’s also great if you plan to change your bathroom into a wet room in future or if your shower is a menace when it comes to splashing. If any water finds itself on your floor, you can easily mop this up because of the free space.

Fitted at a height suited to you

Floor-mounted vanity units or even pedestal sinks are typically fixed at the existing height of the unit or pedestal. Depending on your height, you might have to bend down or reach up/use a step to use the basin, which can be annoying or uncomfortable.

Short or tall, you can fit the wall-hung vanity unit to your desired height. Improving your comfort when using the basin or unit as needed.

Storage space to spare

Many wall-hung vanity units come with drawers, cabinets or a hollow space beneath the sink. Something not commonly available to your typical pedestal sinks. So, you can store away bathroom essentials without compromising the space above the cabinet or having items randomly dotted around the bathroom.

Gorgeous contemporary design

Let’s not forget the appearance. In fact, there are many different styles of wall-hung vanities to choose from. Including those with different finishes, colours, heights, depths and more to suit each bathroom style.

Choices are endless. So, check out our wide range of bathroom vanities and see what you can fix to utilise and enhance your bathroom space.

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