Duracell is a US multinational corporation with headquarters in Bethel, Connecticut, and Geneva, Switzerland which produces highly durable alkaline batteries, specialty cells, smart power system and rechargeables. Today owned by Berkshire Hathaway, it was established by Samuel Ruben and Philip Mallory in 1924 under the name of the P. R. Mallory Company. Employing around 2,700 people, the corporation has subsidiaries in the UK, Ireland, Germany, China, Mexico, Australia and other countries.

Duracell’s most famous product are its reliable, high-performance alkaline batteries, widely available in most common sizes, such as s AAA, AA, C, D and 9V as well as specialty sizes, such as AAAA and J. However, the company, which is renowned for its twin commitment to innovation and sustainability, also manufactures high-quality memory cards, USB flash cards and hard drives.

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