Foil Pipe Insulation

Foil-backed pipe insulation is a durable, effective, and reliable solution to cladding pipes in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Suited for both domestic and commercial applications, these products combine mineral wool insulation with a protective layer of reflective foil, insulating pipework internally as well as reflecting the considerable radiant heat produced by direct sunlight on roof spaces. This radiant heat moves downward to pipes and other fixtures, heating them instead of the air in your home.

Here at Plumbing Superstore, we have a wide range of foil insulation products to help you get the very most out of your heating and insulation, working to direct that precious radiant heat. In precut lengths, as well as a wide variety of diameters, these easy-to-use and affordable foil insulation solutions are sure to match your budget and level of expertise.

Products in Foil Pipe Insulation:

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