A bathroom sink waste plug is a great final touch to any basin. Over time you might want to replace the existing waste plug with a new one. Perhaps the one currently in place is damaged or you want to switch up the colour of the waste plug to suit a new sink. You might even have a sink waste plug with the new basin to install. Whichever reason you hold, we’ll be able to provide you with the steps to fit your new waste plug in place with ease.

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Know which sink waste plug you need

Before you do anything, figure out which waste plug you need for your basin. The four main types are as follows:

  • Non-slotted waste
  • Slotted waste
  • Gated waste
  • Freeflow waste

Whichever waste is in your possession, each should have a top seal, bottom larger seal and black fixing nut.


Fitting a sink waste plug

You can fit a waste plug with some short, simple steps.

1. Remove the larger seal and the fixing nut from the threaded shaft. Only the thinner seal should remain on the waste.

2. Ensure the thinner top seal is cupped upwards on the waste, then place it in the hole of the basin.

Slotted wastes will have two holes and need to line up with the internal overflow holes in the basin. Make sure it is not blocked.

Note: Applying a silicone sealant inside the basin before slotting in the waste can create a watertight seal where the plug sits.

3. After fitting the waste into the basin, which could be through the countertop, fit the second washer to the waste. Fit it from underneath the cabinet, making sure it is cupped upwards.

Note: Apply a second bead of silicone for a more watertight solution if needed.

4. Secure the waste to the basin by hand tightening the black fixing nut, being careful not to overtighten else this can risk damaging the plug.

5. (If applicable) Fit a bottle trap to the waste and wipe away any silicone sealant with a cloth.

And there you have it! The simple process needed to fit in your new sink waste plug.

Where can I buy a sink waste plug?

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