Lead Sheeting

Lead sheeting, also known as lead flashing or roofing lead, is vital for any roof. With lead sheets you can seal gaps to prevent water from entering a property, protecting from damp ingress. We offer a vast range of lead sheeting at Plumbing Superstore to ensure you have the right code you need for your project. 

Roofing lead is not suited to DIY projects. This is because installing it requires a skill that can take years of experience to perfect. So make sure that you hire a professional to lay the sheets. Take into account this with the lead sheet price when totalling the cost of the roof. You will also need to make sure the nails and screws used in the installation have a similar life expectancy to the lead. Typically this can be copper but professionals can guide you to ensure you have the right material for your project. 

Choose from an array of different codes. Lead material can be shaped with ease, is long-lasting and flexible in all weather conditions. You can also dispose of it with ease as a 100% recyclable material. 

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