Washing Machine Hoses

We rarely think of our washing machine hoses when we press start on a new load of laundry. Unless they happen to suddenly break, that is, causing a massive amount of water damage and making your washer inoperable. Washing machine hoses are designed to connect your washing machine or dishwasher to the water supply and waste systems.

Typically, the washing machine hose connector is utilised to join the hot water supply, which is why red and blue hose colour options are used for hot or cold applications, respectively. 

Make sure your washing machine and dishwasher are able to dispose of wastewater and other by-products of the washing cycle safely and efficiently with our selection of premium washing machine hoses and adaptors. Carefully selected from leading brands in the industry and available in different lengths, all our products are built from high-quality materials to strict British and European standards, making them a highly durable and extremely reliable solution. 

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