Class O Pipe Insulation

Nitrile rubber insulation, also called 'Type O' insulation, is an enormously versatile solution for insulating and protecting pipework and tubing in a huge variety of settings. From general domestic pipework to more specialised applications such as refrigeration, air conditioning and commercial settings, this easy-to-handle insulation has plenty of convenient properties to save you time on-site and money down the line.

Type O insulation is a 'closed cell' insulation, meaning that each time it is cut or formed, the exposed insulation is sealed so that it won't crumble or fray whilst you work it. It is also naturally elastic, or 'elastomeric', which means it will retain its shape and thermal properties over a long period.

With excellent resistance to vapour, temperature changes, frost, and condensation, Type O insulation products are a powerful workhorse product for various applications. In addition, the sheer range of shapes, sizes, and sheet types available here at Plumbing Superstore means that you are sure to find a pre-made product to suit your project.

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Armacell Armaflex 14m Class 0 Self Adhesive Backed Insulation Tape
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