Pipe Insulation

Whether you’re dealing with simple, straightforward repairs or ground-up projects, pipe insulation, also known as 'lagging', is an essential component of any plumbing project across all applications application. It serves to protect from a wide range of factors that would otherwise lower the system's performance and result in long-lasting damage. 

Freezing, overheating, warping and corrosion can all be eliminated with the help of insulation. At Plumbing Superstore, we offer plenty of outstanding insulation products available from a range of renowned brands, which offer flexibility, longevity and durability across commercial, domestic and industrial applications. 

We have a wide selection of insulation types, from rubber nitrile or 'Type O' to foil-backed and convenient self-sealing types. Whatever the scope of your next plumbing project, we'll have an insulation solution for your latest plumbing challenge. 

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Armacell Armaflex 14m Class 0 Self Adhesive Backed Insulation Tape
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