Direct & Indirect Hot Water Cylinders

Direct cylinders heat water directly with two immersion heaters, without the use of a heat exchanger. They’re suitable for use with baths, showers, wash basins and kitchen sinks. Typically connected to the Economy 7 tariff supply, they can heat up water more cheaply at night, allowing you to use it during the next day.

In contrast, indirect cylinders heat water indirectly, with a heat exchanger, which is typically coil that runs through them. They’re generally used with the boiler, but they also tend to have a smaller heat source as a backup.

At Plumbing Superstore, we offer a premium range of energy-efficient, sturdy, highly reliable direct & indirect hot water cylinders from leading brands on the market. Suitable for use across all domestic applications, our high-quality cylinders are guaranteed to meet your requirements, whatever they might be, and boost your home’s energy efficiency without compromising on comfort and functionality. And with our quick delivery service, you’re going to get them exactly when you need them.  

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